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Our activities include walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Whenever possible we have two to three levels of difficulty in an activity. People who wish to go a shorter distance or at a slower pace may do so.  We also have social events which include a monthly breakfast, two potluck dinners, and a Christmas luncheon.

MONDAY HIKING:  TREKKERS - From April to October. Hikes are rated by the type of terrain, the level of difficulty, and the length of the hike. Most hikes are out of town and require a time commitment of at least a half day.  This hiking group requires a greater level of fitness.

MONDAY HIKING:  ADVENTURERS - From April to October.  This hiking group is at an intermediate fitness level and at a slightly slower pace than the Trekkers.

MONDAY HIKING: RAMBLERS - From April to June and September to October.  This hiking group is best suited for individuals who want to go at a slower pace and smell the roses along the way.  

MONDAY KEEP FIT WALKERS - From November to December.  Striders walk for approximately 2 hours from a location in Salmon Arm. There may be the occasion where Striders drive to where a walk will begin.  For all fitness levels.

MONDAY SNOWSHOEING: January to March depending on conditions. Destinations vary with snow conditions.  There are three groups - Alpha, Snow Hares and Omega.  The Alpha group snowshoes faster and further.  The Snow Hares are an intermediate level group.  The Omega group typically snowshoes for 2 hours at a slower pace and is good for beginners.

WEDNESDAY CYCLING: PEDAL PUSHERS - May to mid-October. A variety of cycling routes are utilized, building in duration and intensity through the season.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS: Meet mid-morning year round for a 45 to 60 minute walk, followed by optional refreshments. Good for beginner to intermediate levels.  

WEDNESDAY EVENING WALKERS AND JOGGERS: From April-June, September, October.  Members walk or jog for an hour. Good for beginners. 

WEDNESDAY CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: January to end of ski season depending on conditions.  This group skis for about two hours.

THURSDAY EARLY BIRD WALKERS: Meet early in the morning, year round, for a brisk, one hour walk followed by optional refreshments at Askew’s Uptown.

THURSDAY WALKERS:  Meet a bit later in the morning, year round, for an intermediate level one hour walk followed by optional refreshments at Askew's Uptown.

FIDO FRIDAYS:  Meet other Striders for a 1 hour walk with your dog and optional coffee after the walk.  Dog handlers are responsible for the care and behaviour of their dog and all dogs must be leashed.  Aggressive dogs are not welcome.  Dogs must have basic obedience training, standard vaccinations, a city dog license and be socialized.  

SATURDAY - RUNNERS, JOGGERS & WALKERS:  Meet year round on Saturdays.  Participants divide into various groups dependent upon fitness level.

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