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Our activities include walking, jogging, hiking, cycling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing. Whenever possible we have two to three levels of difficulty in an activity. People who wish to go a shorter distance or at a slower pace may do so.  We also have social events which include a monthly breakfast, two potluck dinners, and a Christmas luncheon.

MONDAY HIKING:  TREKKERS - From April to October. Hikes are rated by the type of terrain, the level of difficulty, and the length of the hike. Most hikes are out of town and require a time commitment of at least a half day.  This hiking group requires a greater level of fitness.

MONDAY HIKING:  ADVENTURERS - From April to October.  This hiking group is at an intermediate fitness level and at a slightly slower pace than the Trekkers.

MONDAY HIKING: RAMBLERS - From April to June and September to October.  This hiking group is best suited for individuals who want to go at a slower pace and smell the roses along the way.  

MONDAY KEEP FIT WALKERS - From November to December.  Striders walk for approximately 2 hours from a location in Salmon Arm. There may be the occasion where Striders drive to where a walk will begin.  For all fitness levels.

MONDAY SNOWSHOEING: January to March depending on conditions. Destinations vary with snow conditions.  There are three groups - Alpha, Snow Hares and Omega.  The Alpha group snowshoes faster and further.  The Snow Hares are an intermediate level group.  The Omega group typically snowshoes for 2 hours at a slower pace and is good for beginners.

WEDNESDAY CYCLING:  May to mid-October. A variety of cycling routes are utilized, building in duration and intensity through the season.

WEDNESDAY WALKERS: Meet mid-morning year round for a 45 to 60 minute walk, followed by optional refreshments. Good for beginner to intermediate levels.  

WEDNESDAY CROSS-COUNTRY SKIING: January to end of ski season depending on conditions.  This group skis for about two hours.

THURSDAY EARLY BIRD WALKERS: Meet early in the morning, year round, for a brisk, one hour walk followed by optional refreshments at Askew’s Uptown.

SATURDAY - RUNNERS, JOGGERS & WALKERS:  Meet year round on Saturdays.  Participants divide into various groups dependent upon fitness level.

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